(August 30, 1963 - March 23, 2014)
On Sunday evening March 23, 2014 the Metal community lost yet another one of it's
greatest musicians. Dave Brockie, better known as Oderus Urungus, the founder and lead
singer of renowned Richmond, Virginia Metal band
GWAR died. He was found in his
home by his band mates. Dave Brockie was 50 years old.

I first heard of this news from my friend Scott through a text. We couldn't believe it and
really refused to believe it. We are both huge
GWAR fans and were hoping & praying
this was a hoax. As more news came in we were saddened to find out it was true, when
it was confirmed by
GWAR's management. Then my friend Jen sent me a link to an
article on Blabbermouth about this. As the day went on more and more of my family and
friends were sending me texts.
GWAR has and always will be my favorite band. My
heart was crushed by this horrific news. I spent the whole day listening to nothing but
GWAR all day on my ipod as a sad tribute or more like a celebration of all the great,
killer music that they have created over the years. As each song came on I would
remember all the memories over the years of going to
GWAR shows with friends. When
I got home I started searching online for anymore information on what happened. As I
was looking over pictures and reading messages that other musicians & fans of
and Oderus were writing I became more and more sad that this great creative genius was
no longer with us. I even started to cry a few times knowing I would never get to see
Oderus on stage again and be covered in
GWAR blood and Cuttlefish semen.

I first became a fan of
GWAR with the release of "SCUMDOGS OF THE UNIVERSE"
back in 1990. Ever since then my heart has been forever covered and stained with
GWAR blood. When I lived back in Pennsylvania I used to be known as the GWAR
guy. I used to yell
GWAR at every show I went to. I even had GWAR on my license
plate and my car became known as the
GWAR mobile. I have seen GWAR live around
50 + times over the years. I think of all the amazing times with my friends going to
GWAR shows and always loved seeing the look on the faces of my friends when they
first experienced a live
GWAR show. I even got my wife Mia fed to the meat grinder
during one of the
GWAR shows. In 2013 I saw GWAR three times in three different
states, in Denver when I was living in Colorado and then went to visit family in
Pennsylvania and went to see
GWAR in Philadelphia with my friend Jen then in Tampa,
Florida in October with my nephew Joseph (his first
GWAR show) and my wife Mia. I
guess this was kind of a great way for the legacy of
GWAR to end for me.
I have interviewed Dave Brockie & Oderus Urungus in the past and he lived up to the amazing legend that he was, with all his outrageous comments and answers. I
have even met Dave in person a few times and even had a few discussions about
GWAR and his side band X-COPS. I have never met or seen another lead singer
that could ever come close to the talent, brilliant comic and musical abilities that Dave Brockie had. I am a huge music fan as you know from my site, but no other
band has ever had an effect or impact on shaping my life and love of music, Horror and Sci-Fi like
GWAR. This is why they have always been and forever will be
my favorite band!

I never knew Dave on a personal level, but I truly felt like I lost a member of my family and a close friend. Dave &
GWAR have been such a huge part of my life
and influenced the person I have become on many levels. Oderus Urungus has finally escaped this dirt ball planet and hopefully he finds his way home.
Unfortunately, now he can once again Rock out with his Scumdog brother Cory Smooth A.K.A. Flattus Maximus, who passed away on November 23, 2011 from
a heart attack.

As said above, I was first exposed to
GWAR when "SCUMDOGS OF THE UNIVERSE" first came out in 1990. From there on my heart was covered with
GWAR blood and forever stained, but on this day it was truly crushed. Dave Brockie & GWAR have touched more people then I think anyone has ever realized.
2014 would mark the 30th anniversary of
GWAR and part of my life for three quarters of it. I will for ever be a GWAR slave and cherish how many times I have
seen them live, all the friends I have gone to shows with and shared
GWAR stories with as well as the few times I got to me Dave and have a chat with him as
well as the time I interviewed him. As I am finishing this little tribute to him up I am having a hard time holding back my tears knowing I will not be creating
anymore new
GWAR memories. Thank you Dave & the rest of GWAR for all the good times and some of the best moments of my life. I love you guys and send
out all my prayers and love to you, your family and friends and especially all the past and present members of

- Burt Wolf (