Molusco Discos

HABORYN is a Death Thrash Metal band hailing from Venezuela. "AT THE EDGE OF
EXTINCTION" is the bands 5 release to date. These guys mix both of the above styles,
but tend to lean a little more towards Death Metal in the majority of the music. The
Death Metal ranges from brutal straight on Death to slower grooved out melodic Death
Metal. The majority of the Thrash Metal is present in guitar riffs and arrangements.
There is an old school vibe being played through out. These guys a very killer new band I
have been lucky to find. They combine both my favorite styles of Metal together and do
it way better than most bands. They remind me of the bands coming out in the early 90's.
These guys will surely attract tons of fans of both old and new school Death & Thrash
Metal. One of the best releases I have heard in a long time.


(Available through BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS)