HALAHKUH is a four piece Thrash / Death Metal band hailing from Pune, India. I was
kind of surprised when I kicked this album on, because I wasn't expecting this from a band
out of India. These guys play and almost European meets American style of Thrash /
Death metal music. The foundation of their music is built on a Thrash Metal sound, but
with Death Metal elements injected into their sound. The Thrash Metal is done in a bit of
a Progressive style with a lot of technical Thrash all through out. They have well
constructed arrangements with stop and starts, change ups and temp changes, but still add
in the classic shredding Thrash elements to the mix. The Death Metal parts have more to
do with the more aggressive and heavier areas, especially in the drums. When the drums
kick into high gear they are thicker, faster and more aggressive like Death metal, but then
they will go into an all out Thrash Metal groove style. I really loved how they would
transition from the two styles with such smoothness. The guitar work has a classic
Thrash / Speed Metal sound with some more modern Thrash elements blended within.
The vocals I would say is where the majority of the Death Metal is present. The vocals
are done in a thick harsh growling style that is understandable and lies right on the line of
Thrash / Death Metal. The only complaint I would have for this album is that it's too
short of a release being only four songs. I really wanted a lot more after listening to this
over and over again. These guys have giving us one super tight, impressive debut and I
can't wait to get some more music from them in the future!