Starring: Demi Moore, Hans Matheson, Kate Isity, Mary Murray, Beans ElBalawi & more.

Demi Moore is a writer living in England. As she is working on her newest novel, her son is
playing outside. He opens an unlocked gate that leads down to the water front. When she doesn't
hear him anymore, she goes out to look. He falls in the water & drowns. She starts having a
breakdown & moves away to a small remote village by the sea. She is hoping to be able to get
inspiration & start writing again. She befriends the man who runs the lighthouse near the village.
All these weird things start happening & she starts having visions of her son. There is a bit of a
twist at the end of the film as well. This was slow at first, but did kick in & had a good plot change
in the end of the film! This was actually one of the better films Demi Moore has done in awhile.