HAMMERFORCE is a Power / Progressive Metal band from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
These guys have been exposing the world to there dynamic sounds since 2006. They
evolved out of the band
LEGIONER. These guys play Power Metal like no other. Their
sound is based off a foundation of Power Metal, but they add in a lot of Progressive Metal,
Speed Metal and some Traditional Metal to create their music. They also add in a lot of
amazing synth work to really help them stand out and above many of the other bands of
this genre. The synth work comes through the skilled hands and mind of keyboardist
Nikita Merzlyakov. His sythn work adds a whole new level to their music. The guitar
work is a blend of Speed Metal with it's fast paced crystal clear riffing and the intricate
guitar arrangements and time changes adds that Progressive Metal element. Dmitriy "Ian
Breeg" Yanovskiy vocals are done a very strong wide ranged Power Metal style. These
guys have got to be one of the best bands to ever emerge from Russia. They are so skilled
and talented musicians and deserve much respect. "ACCESS DENIED" is one of the best
Power Metal releases I have ever heard. If you can think of a more Progressive Synth
driven version of
HAMMERFALL or BLIND GUARDIAN then that is what
HAMMERFORCE has to offer. One Hell of a release through and through!. Every Metal
fan must check these guys out, even if your not a Power Metal fan, you will find some
appreciation for what these guys do!