Starring: Jeff Kohlver, Ellen Page, Sandra Oh, Odessa Rae, Gilbert John & more.

A very intelligent young 14 year old girl has been chatting with a 32 year old photographer online
for a little while & finally decides they should meet. They meet at a little diner & start talking &
getting to know each other even more. She then goes home with him & they start drinking & talking
a little risqué to each other. She puts something in his drink & he passes out. Once he wakes up he
finds himself bound & gaged in a chair. From here she proceeds to do many torturous things to him
because he is a pedophile. The movie had some cool twists to it & was done really well. You didn't
really know who to feel after watching this film & that's the way the film was meant to be taken.
This is another must for anyone who likes films that go off the normal path!!!