What’s that you say? Your best friend loves blast beats in Death Metal? Well I think I
may have the perfect suggestion for a Christmas gift for you to get him. To say
’s “ORDER OF THE ENSLAVED” is “blast beat ridden” is an absolute
understatement. As one who has always more properly appreciated the “organic” sound
of the rhythm section in music, for better or for worse, there’s not one god damned thing
“organic” about “ORDER OF THE ENSLAVED”.  The music, the tight-time changes,
topped off with a drummer who sounds like he eats wires and cogs for breakfast. I’m
not such a huge fan of this particular end of Death Metal, and I’m sure my review will
be, at the very least a little, skewed to one side.  Having said that, let’s continue…
HATE DIVISION from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia (that’s Canada by the way) formed
in 2006 and this, their second full length album (following a self titled mini CD in 2009
and the “STRATEGY OF OBSOLESCENCE” CD in 2011) is a 13 song, 47 minute
barrage of brutal Death Metal precision. Say what you want about this sub genre within
the Death Metal milieu, I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more exacting
Death Metal release.  The time changes alone make me sweat. No curves on this album,
none at all, when this band changes directions, we’re talking ALL 90 degree turns sharp
enough to circumcise a gnat!!! Never having heard anything by this band before, pulling
this material off live would be a test of any group’s ability, no matter their age or
experience. There is a lot more going on with this release aside from blistering fast,
razor precision Death Metal though.  The most obvious of which is a lead guitarist who
really rips (see “Dawn of Quiescence“), and a guitar sound in general that’s really ripe.
The production is as smooth as glass. It almost has to be, to try and catch everything
going on here, but some of the guitar is much more reminiscent of old European Death /
Grind (think early
GOREFEST).  This is definitely my favorite aspect of the record.
Keeping that “smooth as glass” production in mind, it's definitely to the band’s credit
that they keep a real element of heaviness too. So many ultra-technical, fast Death
Metal records fail in the heaviness department,
HATE DIVISION avoid this pitfall.
When the band actually slows down enough so I can get my teeth around what I’m
experiencing here.  There are some seriously vicious Death Metal riffing going on as
well. A final point that deserves special note are the interlude pieces like “World
Descending” and “Global Autopsy”, adding a great deal to spruce up the atmosphere.
Fans of the whole
UNIQUE LEADER RECORDS end of the Death Metal spectrum
would find a solid purchase with “ORDER OF THE ENSLAVED”. For someone who
is admittedly not an avid fan of this sub genre,
HATE DIVISION put together a really
strong album.


                                                                                           - Reviewed by Keith Dempe