With their sixth full length album "KATHARSIS", Germany's HATE SQUAD are back
with a vengeance. The band has gone through some changes over the years, but still
remain a strong force in the Metal music community. These guys blend together elements
of Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Hardcore to create their sound. The bands current
album has them leaning more towards the Metalcore side, but the above genres are still all
present. There is a killer aggressive Hardcore groove that runs through a lot of their songs.
They even have some scream along chants in some of the songs. The drums are the
strongest driving force in the band. They are heavy, blasting at times and just set the
pissed off ton for the entire band. The vocal styling of Burkhard Scmitt is done in a
crossover style of Death & Hardcore screams with growls. These guys have been one of
my favorite underground bands for years and deserve much more recognition then they
get in the scene. One of the better bands to emerge out of Germany! This is a must!