The new Thrash Metal kings are back! Denver, Colorado's HAVOK have unleashed their
third Thrash Metal full length entitled "UNNATURAL SELECTION". These guys have
been shredding out the madness since 2004 and hopefully will never stop. I have been a
huge fan of these guys for awhile now and with each new release they continue to stay one
of my favorite bands. They play an old school style of Thrash Metal music, that has a ton
of groove and all out shredding. The music has a bit of that Bay Area Thrash meets East
Coast Thrash with some touches of German Thrash Metal all mixed together. In other
words, they have taken the best elements of the best Thrash Metal scenes and blended
them together to create an amazing Thrash style. The guitar work reminds me of a lot of the
guitar sounds of
OVERKILL & ANTHRAX from their early days. While the hole rhythm
and structures of the songs have that Bay Area Thrash vibe. Add in a little more technical
German Thrash like
DESTRUCTION & KREATOR to round out their sound. The vocals
are done in a mid ranged throaty Thrash Metal style with some chant a long parts as well.
HAVOK may have not been around for the original Thrash movement in the '80's, but they
are a definite impact on the new Thrash Metal scene. They could have been part of the big
four from the early days, but they would be part of the big four today along with
MUNICIPAL WASTE and two other bands. I've seen HAVOK live in Colorado twice and
recently here in Florida with
SOULFLY. These guys are amazing and to catch the full
experience you must see them live. They put on a killer show and crush every time.
HAVOK is by far one of the best Thrash Metal bands out there in the scene today! They
also do a killer cover of
BLACK SABBATH's "Children Of The Grave" on this release too.