Once again Poland has unearthed another Blackened Death Metal band, this time around in
the name of
HELL UNITED. These guys rose from the ashes of the band ECLYPSE and
created one hell of a sound in their new band. The music has an old school Black Metal
sound that is a very raw, intense, harsh feeling. It has a really cold and gritty vibe to it that
reminds me of a lot of the old War Metal bands from the early 90's that were coming out of
Poland, Italy & Germany. The guitars have a bit of classic Thrash Metal at times, but very
little and in the slower more drawn out parts they have a bit of Doom Metal mixed in. I am
very picky when it comes to Doom Metal, but this was actually my favorite part about the
band. The majority of their music is fast paced, spastic some what chaotic sounding Black
Metal. I liked the Doom parts, because it broke up some of the mayhem at times and let the
listener catch up a bit. When the vocals of V and Rzulty kick in, it's like a massive wall of
harsh, gritty Black Metal growls and screams, just the way I like it. These guys pull in some
of the best elements of some of the best genres of Metal, mix them in with a Black Metal
base and come out with a crushing album in the form of "AURA DAMAGE". This is yet
another great Polish band to the long list of bands who have emerged from the underground
scene in Poland!