Forming back in 2007 and not completing their line up until 2011, Denmark's HELL'S
have finally releases their debut album. These guys had started out playing Bay
Area Thrash Metal music, but over the years have tweaked their sound a little. They still
have that aggressive pulse pounding Bay Area Thrash sound at their core, but adding some
German Thrash Metal elements to their sound. The guitars are all out Bay Area Thrash in
the vein of old
TESTAMENT, EXODUS & SLAYER. The speed and aggressiveness of
the rest of the song arrangements reminded me of German Thrash Metal from the '80's. If
you were to take parts of
DESTRUCTION & KREATOR and roll them into one you
would get a sound that is
HELL'S DOMAIN. The Bay Area has more of a groove feel that
runs through a lot of their music, but these guys have a more harder edge to them. You
could even toss in a little bit of East Coast Thrash like '80's era
OVERKILL. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Thrash Metal vocal style with a bit of
grittiness that reminds me more of East Coast Thrash. If you take the best parts of the Bay
Area, East Coast & German Thrash Metal scenes from the '80's then you would get a great
idea of how killer
HELL'S DOMAIN is. These guys would make every Thrash Metal fan
happy and make them feel like they were in the '80's again at the birth of the Thrash Metal
movement! I grew up in those days and was raised on Thrash Metal so I was loving every
minute of these guys! Thrash til' Death!!!