"DEMO 2012"
Self Released

My buddies from Russia, HELL'S THRASH HORSEMEN are back with a brand new
release. These guys formed back in 2007 and play Thrash Metal music. These guys have
taken each new release to a new level. This time around the band has gotten tighter, more
aggressive and more technical sounding. One early releases they had a classic Thrash
Metal sound, but on this one it's a more Modern Technical Thrash Metal sound. The
music does have some elements of late 80's Thrash Metal at times. Their sound really
reminds me of a lot of the great Germany Thrash Metal bands of that time like
DESTRUCTION & KREATOR. These guys have created a huge following in the
underground scene, but should have been a lot bigger by now. They will become one of
the great Thrash Metal bands that are keeping the scene alive like
& MUNICIPAL WASTE. One of the best Thrash Metal bands to
emerge in the past 10 years. If you haven't heard these guys yet, get this album and work
your way back through their release! All Thrash fans must own this! Thrash til Death!


(Available through BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS)