Self Released

HER DYING REGRET is a six price Metalcore band from Reading, England. These guys
broke out on the scene in 2012 with their debut release "THE SIREN" and gain a huge fan
base through out England. With their newest release "LEGACY" they will surely gain an
even bigger fan bas through out the rest of the world. On this new release the band has
changed their sound up a little bit. They are still Metalcore at the heart of their sound, but
adding in some new flavouring. They have adding in some more melodic passages into their
music. They almost at times have a Post Hardcore vibe to them. The other addition is of a
second vocalist. This is to give the band more range for them to reach out to. The vocals are
done in a mid ranged Metalcore type growl / scream style with the other vocals being more
melodic and clean. The band still has a ton of hooks, breakdowns, change ups and stop and
start parts mixed through out their songs. There is also a bit of technical Death Metal
elements within their sound too. These guys have the potential to climb the top of the
Metalcore pile, if they keep putting out top quality releases like "LEGACY". I found it
hard to believe that these guys weren't signed to a label yet. There are a ton, maybe even
too many Metalcore bands out there at the moment that has the scene over saturated, but
HER DYING REGRET is definitely one of the best I have heard. They deserve to be
signed to a label and giving the proper attention!