HERETIC SOUL hails from Istanbul, Turkey and formed back in 2005. These guys play a
killer Death Metal style of music. The music is done in the Polish Death Metal style with
touches of American Death Metal from the '90's. They have a very fast paced and
aggressive brutal sound with lots of cool hooks and grooves. The bands sound reminded me
of a lot of the bands that came out of the Mid West in America during the mid '90's. They
have that same fierce aggression that pours through out their songs with a tone of crushing
grooves. There is an almost mesh up of Thrash Metal and Death Metal in their sound at
times, but mostly in the guitar work. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death Metal
growl / scream style that almost has a bit of a Hardcore feel to it. These guys are an
amazing band from start to finish. "THE NIHILISTIC ATTITUDE" is the bands second
full length album which follows "BORN INTO THIS PLAGUE" which came out in 2010
and I used to distribute on my label. If you dig straight forward brutal and catchy Death
Metal at it's finest, then you need to look no further.
HERETIC SOUL is your answer!
These guys play an old school style of Death Metal, but some how have injected some
freshness into the scene that is becoming very stale as of late. This is by far the best outing
these guys have had so far.
HERETIC SOUL is a band that is worthy to be in every Death
Metal collection!