Hailing from Los Angeles, California comes Thrash Metal giants HEXEN. HEXEN is not
in any way your typical Thrash Metal band though. These guys do base the bands sound
in Thrash Metal, but have built off of this foundation. There is a lot of Progressive Metal
in the way the songs arrangements are laid out. They have a very advance almost futuristic
Progressive Metal sound mixed with Neo-Classical Metal music.
HEXEN has really built
a name for themselves as a Thrash Metal band that is to be respected and they are in no
way a throwback band. With the release of "BEING AND NOTHINGNESS",
have placed themselves on a higher level than most Thrash Metal bands. With adding in
the elements of Progressive, Neo-Classical and Classical these guys have advanced so
much and deserve to be heard, respected and supported by many more Metal fans than
they are currently getting now.
HEXEN have proven them as a force to be heard and
hopefully they will be sticking around for many more albums to come! Another great
Thrash attack!