Self Released

HILDULF is a one man Metal project that plays a mixture of Metal styles. The name
HILDULF means "Wolf Of Battle" in Lombardic language. The music played here is all
written, performed and composed by Alex himself. The music has an old school blackened
Thrash Metal style. It is done in an old European Black / Thrash Metal style that was
more dominate in the early '90's. The music has a bit of that D.I.Y. old school demo
cassette feel to it from back in the early days of tape trading. He adds in the Thrash metal
elements that come out more in the guitar sound than anywhere else. With some touches of
Folk Metal added to the mix, it gives it that old world Black Metal feel. The vocals are
done in a mid ranged groggy Black Metal growl style. This reminded me of a lot of the
early bands coming out of Finland, Sweden & Norway in the early days of Black Metal
music. If you combined some touches of early
with some SUNN O))) & ISHAN then add in slight Folk Metal elements you would get