HIT ME BABY is the worlds only Punk Rock tribute band to the one and only Britney
Spears. The album was release to coincide with Britney Spears residency at Planet
Hollywood in las Vegas, Nevada. The album contains 13 tracks with nine new tracks and
four live tracks on their 2011 "Men Fatale" tour. This was a digital on album release for
just $3.99. I know a lot of people don't like tribute bands or bands that do stuff like this,
but I love bands like this. I am not a big fan of tribute bands, I would rather hear the
original bands if I want to hear those songs. In this case, I highly would rather hear these
guys over the originals. I am a huge Punk fan and like when Punk or Metal bands put their
own spin on the songs they are covering.
HIT ME BABY does exactly that. They put a
killer old school meets new school Punk Rock twist on some of Britney Spears biggest
hits. The music is done very well and better than the originals. They make them almost
sound like original songs written by them. I like how each song has a Punk sound, but is
completely different from the previous, by adding some Metal, Funk, Nu-Metal and some
slightly Industrial touches to the song. The vocal styling also makes these guys sound like
these songs are originally theirs. As said above I'm not a huge fan of tribute bands, but if
more bands would do it the way these guys do, then I would love it.
killer band and they have taken some cheesy songs and made them extremely cool
sounding. I would love to see these guys live and I hope they put out some more material
in the future. After listening to these guys they are going to turn everyone into a Britney
Spears fan, one Punk at a time!!!