Self Released

Hailing from the darkness of San Antonio, Texas comes the beast known as HOD. HOD's
name comes from the English version of the Norse God Hodur. That's exactly how they hit
you, like a Norse God in battle from the first track "Beneath The Mountains Of the
Scorpions" through "I Am Destroyer" and into the last track "When The Ghouls Feed".
These guys are like a massive wall of Death / Black Metal mayhem. The music has a very
raw and crusty old school Black Metal feel with some '90's styled Death Metal mixed in.
The Black Metal tends to dominate the sound a lot. It has that early European Black Metal
sound that was coming out of Italy, France & Greece in the late '80's and early '90's. Then
you through in some mid '90's American Death Metal and you have a perfect combination
of what
HOD sounds like. The vocals are done in a groggy and throaty Black Metal growl
almost scream style. These three tracks are a precursor of
HOD's next full length album
"BOOK OF THE WORM" if you can handle the assault of these three tracks, then prepare
yourself for the war to come.
HOD is a band will fight it's way to the top of the Black /
Death Metal scenes and with a release like this they are sure to conquer!!!