"CONSUMATUM EST." is a re-release of the bands digital only album of the same name,
originally released in 2010. This is a re-recorded version in Digipak CD and digital release.
HORDES OF THE MORNING STAR comes to us from the bowels of Texas and plays
aggressive Black / Death Metal music. The music itself is really dark, dirty old school
Black Metal sounding in the vein of stuff that was coming out of Europe in the late 80's
and early 90's. There is a bit of atmospheric cold a gloomy Black Metal parts mixed
through out. The faster more spastic and aggressive parts is where the Death Metal
influences come into play. There is a bit of that fuzziness guitar sound that you find in a
lot of the earlier Black Metal bands as well. The vocals are a combination of harsh
screaming Black Metal growls along with mid to lower ranged Death Metal growls. This is
one that both Death and Black Metal fans will enjoy, even though they tend to lean more
towards the Black Metal side. I'm not a huge fan of this style of Black Metal, but
HORDES OF THE MORNING STAR are definitely one of the better bands playing this