6 DEGREES OF HELL   (Movie - A Super Natural Force Connects Six People To Slowly Kill Them Off)
13 HAUNTS   (The Greater Philadelphia Area's Haunted Houses And Attractions)
13TH HOUR   (The World's Finest Haunt, Attraction, Costume & Technology Magazine)
21 DAYS   (Movie - Three Film Makers Attempt To Survive 21 Days In A Haunted House That No One Has Survived)
28 DAYS LATER   (Movie - A Virus Spreads Throughout The U.K. Turning Everyone Into Violent Killer Zombies)
30 DAYS OF NIGHT   (Movie - Blood Thirsty Vampires Attack A Small Alaska Town)

A PETRIFIED FOREST   (A Haunted Scare Trail On Over 85,000 Square Feet In Altamonte Springs, Florida USA)
ABOMINATION NURSERY   (Custom Horror Art From Armgardt Richter Rose)
ACTIVE ACRES HAUNTED FARM   (Sleepy Hollow Hayride, Haunted House & Field Of Frights In Pennsylvania)
AFTER DARK FILMS   (Killer Independent Horror Movie Company)
AFTER PARTY MASSACRE   (Movie - Killer Party With Mind Blowing Amounts Of Blood, Metal & Flesh!)
ALL HORROR (Discover The Best Horror Movies With News, Reviews, Trailers & Lots More)
ALL HORROR MOVIES   (Latests And Upcoming Horror Movie Reviews, Trailers, Interviews & News)
ALL SCARE   (Halloween Animatronics & Haunted House Props)
ALL THINGS ZOMBIE   (Your One Stop For Everything Zombie Related)
ALONE IN THE DARK   (Movie - Private Investigator Discovers An Unexplainable Supernatural Phenomena)
ALTER EGO DEZINES   (Collectible Display Masks And Illustrations From Artist Brian Dunn)
AMOK TIME TOYS   (Cool Horror, Sci-Fi & Cartoon Toys, Statues & More)
ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT   (One Of The Best Places To Find Killer Independent Horror)
ANTICHRIST   (Movie - A Couple Grieves After The Lost Of A Child And Their Lives Spiral Into Hell)
ARTIFACTS   (Movie - A Women Discovers Her Friends Are Being Killed By Duplicates Of Themselves)

BADASSES, BOOBS AND BODY COUNTS   (Killer Horror Blog Page That Contains Exactly What You'd Think)
BAD MOVIES   (A Website To The Detriment Of Good Film)
BEYOND THE GRAVE PRODUCTIONS   (High Quality Costumes, Tombstones, Body Forms, Characters & More)
BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE   (A Bunch Of Girls Breakdown At An Old Gas Station And Get Hunted By A Serial Killer)
BILLY'S CULT   (Movie - Revengeful Slasher Film Starring Debbie Rochon)
BLACK BED SHEET   (Fine Publishers Of Exemplary Literature, Horror, Fiction & Non)
BLACK WATER   (Movie - Three Friends Get Their Boat Over Turned & Are Hunted By A Huge Crocodile)
BLADE: TRINITY   (Movie - The Day Walking Vampire Blade & The Nightstalkers Fight The Original Dracula)
BLAIR WITCH PROJECT   (Movie - Film Students Head Into The Woods To Document The Blair Witch Legend)
BLOOD JUNKY   (Vampire Book By Author Stavros)
BLOOD LINE DESIGNS*   (Original Horror Masks By Artist Tom Taylor)
BLOOD TRAILS   (Tails Of Terror & Survival On Backwoods Mountain Bike Trails)
BLOODY DISGUSTING   (The #1 Source For All Things Horror)
BLOODY MARY COSMETICS*   (Professional Hollywood Make Up For All Your FX Needs)
B-MOVIES   (Your Home For All Forms Of Horror & Other Genres Of B-Movies)
BONE DRY   (Movie - Two Men Trapped In The Desert, One A Hunter, The Other The Hunted)   
BONEYARD PRODUCTIONS   (Full Service Haunted House & Attraction Design & Construction Company)
BOOGEYMAN   (Movie - A Man Returns Home To Confront Terrifying Visions That Have Been Haunting Him)
BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS   (Your Source For Tons Of Gore, Shock & Horror Movies)
BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD   (Movie - Vampire Film Starring Sid Haig & Ken Foree)
BRUCE CAMPBELL   (Official Site For Bruce Campbell Star Of EVIL DEAD & ARMY OF DARKNESS)
BRUTAL MASSACRE   (Movie - Indie Film Crew Tries To Make A Horror Film, But The Crew Gets Killed Off)
BUCKINGHAM TERROR   (Camp Fire Sunshine Central Florida's Annual Haunted House)
BURIED   (Movie - A Man Working In Iraq Gets Captured A Buried Alive We Only 90 Minutes To Live)
BUZZ-WORKS   (Dark Decor For Home And Dungeon)

CAPTIVITY   (Movie - A Fashion Model Is Drugged, Kidnapped & Held Captive By A Crazed Obsessed Fan)
CASE 39   (Movie - A Social Worker Assigned To A Young Girl With A Mysterious Past)
CASTLE BLOOD   (Unique Haunted House Attraction In Beallsville, Pa. USA)
CAVERNS OF BLOOD   (Free Horror Games, Virtual Haunted Houses, Horror Trivia, Graphics, Puzzles & more)
CEMETERY PRINTS   (Specializing In Cemetery Prints & More From Maine To Florida)
CHILLER THEATRE EXPO   (Horror Toy, Model & Film Expo In Parsippany, N.J. USA)
CHUD.COM   (Cinematic Happenings Under Development - Welcome To The Sewer)
CINEMA WASTELAND   (Horror Movie Memorabilia & Expo In Strongsville, Ohio USA)
CITY BLOOD   (Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana's Largest & Most Dedicated Haunt Site)
CLOVERFIELD   (Movie - Five Friends Try To Survive A Night In New York When A Monster From Space Invades)
COUNT ORLOK'S NIGHTMARE GALLERY   (Salem's Only Monster Museum)
CRADLE OF FEAR   (Four Story Horror Anthology Starring Dani Filth Of CRADLE OF FILTH)
CREATURE   (Movie - Half-Man Half-Alligator Creature Terrorizes Tourist In New Orleans)
CREEPY CLASSICS   (Classic Horror, Science Fiction & Mystery Movie Collectibles)
CREEPY COLLECTION   (Haunted House Props & Animatronics)
CRY WOLF   (Movie - A Group Of Teens Create A Serial Killer On The Internet And Then They  Start Dying Off)
CULT FICTION DRIVE-IN CON   (Underground Film & Cult Cinema Convention In Jacksonville, Florida)

DANCE OF THE DEAD   (Movie - Horror Comedy Where The Dead Rise And Attack During The School Prom)
DARK MIND DESIGN   (Apparel, Jewelry & Art Dedicated To The Celebration Of Creativity & Dark Culture)
DARK SHADOWS   (The Tim Burton & Johnny Depp Remake Of The 70's TV Show)
DARKWOOD MANOR   (Virginia's Premier Theatrical & Interactive Haunted House)
DAVE GHOUL DJ   (Dark Alternative DJ, Club & Concert Promoter & Production Company Owner)
DAWN OF THE DEAD   (Movie - Remake Of The Great Classic George A. Romero Zombie Flick)
DAYS OF THE DEAD   (A Killer Traveling Horror Convention In Chicago, Las Angeles, Atlanta & Indianapolis)
DEAD AIR   (Movie - Terrorist Unleash A Biological Chemical Turning Everyone Into Violent Zombies)
DEAD AND BREAKFAST   (Movie - A Group Of People Fight The Undead At A Bed & Breakfast)
DEAD AND GONE   (Movie - A Mans Comatose Wife Haunts & Tortures Him)
DEAD MEAT   (UK Zombie Flick Where Tainted Cow Meat Turns Anyone Who Eats Into Zombies)
DEAD PROPS   (Killer Halloween Props, Animatronics & All Types Of Halloween Gadgets)
DEAD SILENCE   (Movie - A Small Town Tries To Unlock The Deadly Cures Of Mary Shaw)
DEAD SNOW   (Movie - Norwegian Horror About Nazi Zombies Who Come Back To Life And Slaughter Everyone)
DEADITES ONLINE   (The Fan's Official Source For EVIL DEAD)
DEADLY SPAWN   (Movie - Killer Alien Spawns Come To Earth To Feed On Human Flesh)
DEADPIT HORROR TALK RADIO   (The Ballers & Shotcallers Of Horror Talk Radio)
DEBBIE ROCHON   (Actress, Writer, Filmaker & Beautiful Cult Scream Queen)
DELAWARE VALLEY PARANORMAL ASSOCIATION   (Paranormal Investigators Based In Delaware Valley, Pa.)
DELIRIUM HAUNTED HOUSE   (Killer Haunted House In Colorado Springs, Colorado)
DELIRIUM MAGAZINE   (Cult, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Magazine Put Out By Full Moon)
DENVER ZOMBIE CRAWL   (Zombie Crawl Through Denver, Colorado)
DEVIL   (Movie - Five People Get Trapped In An Elevator & One Of Them Is Secretly The Devil)
DIABOLIK DVD   (Horror, Cult, Art House & Other Demented DVDs From Around The World)
DIARY OF THE DEAD   (Movie - George A. Romero's Fifth Installment In His ...OF THE DEAD Series)
DISTORTIONS UNLIMITED   (Animatronics, Displays, Costumes, Masks & More For All Your Haunting Needs)
DOG WALK OF THE DEAD   (New Jersey's First Ever Zombie Dog Walk In Montclair, New Jersey USA)
DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK   (Movie - Small Creatures Hidden In The Basement Terrorize A Small Girl)
DOUG BRADLEY   (Actor - The One And Only True HELLRAISER, "Pinhead")
DOWNTOWN LAKELAND ZOMBIE FEST   (Zombie Fest In Downtown Lakeland, Florida USA)
DRACULA TOURS   (Haunted Halloween Horror Vampire Vacation Tour To Transylvania)
DRACULINA   (B-Movie Horror Magazine From 1985-2006, Now Online B-Movie Mail Order Site)
DRAWN OF THE DEAD   (Artwork From Cartoonist, Painter & Photoshop Artist Brian J. Orlowski)
DREAD CENTRAL   (Horror News, Interviews, Movie Reviews, DVD Reviews, Book Reviews & Lots More)
DREAM SCAPE STUDIOS   (High Quality Detailed Horror Props)

EERIE HORROR FEST   (Independent Horror Cinema Festival In Eerie, Pennsylvania, USA)
ELECTRIC ZOMBIE   (Killer Horror, Cartoon, Comics & Music T-Shirts, Hoodies, Prints & More)
ELVIRA   (The One And Only Horror Hostess Mistress Of The Dark)
EVIL DEAD   (Movie - Remake Of The 1981 Classic Where A Bunch Of Friends Get Possessed By Demons)
EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL   (Comedy / Horror Musical Based On The Cult EVIL DEAD Trilogy)
EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE   (Movie - A True Story About A 19 Year Old Girl Who Is Demonic Possessed)
EXOTIC LENSES   (Theatrical, Horror, Anime & Custom Contact Lenses)

FACES OF DEATH   (Website For One Of The Most Noturious & Famous Shockumentary Ever)
FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND   (One Of The Greatest Monster & Horror Magazines Ever)
FANGORIA   (Most Widely Read Horror Magazine In The World)
FEAR MAGAZINE   (The Best In Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror)
FEAR NETWORK   (Killer Horror Movie Cable TV Channel)
FEAR WERX   (Your Source For All Kinds Of Horror Merchandise)
FESTIVAL OF SOULS   (Haunted Attraction At The Las Olas Riverfront In Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA)
FIDO   (Movie - Very Cool Horror/Comedy Where Zombies Become The Family Pets)
FIELD OF SCREAMS   (America's #1 Haunted Attraction In Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
FIELD OF TERROR   (NJ's Largest Corn Maze Hayride Event In East Windsor, NJ. USA)
FIEND FATALE (A Horror Adventure Film, Comic Book, Video Game & Animated Series)
FLESH FOR THE BEAST   (Movie - An Occultist Conjures Up Female Demons From Hell)
FRANK HORROR PRODUCTIONS   (Independent Horror Film Company Based Out Of Philadelphia, Pa. USA)
FRANKENWEENIE   (Animated Movie - Tim Burton's Victor Brings His Dead Dog Back To Life Frankenstein Style)
FREAK SHOW FILM FEST   (Freak Show Horror Film Festival In Orlando, Florida USA)
FRIDAY THE 13TH   (Movies - Website Dedicated To Jason Voorhees & The FRIDAY THE 13TH Films)
FRIGHT FACTORY   (Philadelphia's Ultimate Haunted Attraction)
FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FEST   (Huge Horror Film Fest & Convention In Louisville, Kentucky)  
FRIGHT PROPS   (Haunted Attraction Props & Accessories)
FRIGHT RAGS CLOTHING   (Kick Ass Horror T-Shirts)
FRIGHT TIMES MAGAZINE   (Haunted House & Halloween Magazine)
FRIGHTLAND   (One Of America's Scariest Halloween Attractions In Delaware)
FROGGY'S FOG   (Premier Fog, Haze, Snow, Swamp Juice Fluids For Your Haunted Attractions)
FRONTIER(S)   (Movie - Some Friends Are Hiding Out In An Old Inn Being Chased & Tortured By Nazi Cannibals)
FROZEN   (Movie - Three Snowboarder Friends Get Trapped On A Chairlift Overnight With No Way Of Escape)
FULL MOON DIRECT   (Home Of Everything Charles Band, PUPPET MASTER & Other Full Moon Films)
FULL MOON STREAMING   (Online Horror & Fantasy Movies Streaming From The Great Charles Band)

GARY FRANK   (Author Of The Books Forever Will You Suffer & Institutional Memory)
GENESIS   (Independent Science Fiction / Horror Film Shot In Northern Colorado)
GHOST TOURS   (A Haunted Week Of Horrors & Supernatural Spooktacular Vacation For Fans Of Ghosts)
GHOST TOURS PHILADELPHIA   (Horrific History Meets The Supernatural In Philadelphia)
GHOULS GULCH   (Killer Haunted House In Colorado Springs, Colorado)
GINGER SNAPS   (Movies - Two Outsider Girls In Their Town Take Revenge As One Becomes A Werewolf )
GINGERDEAD MAN 3   (Third Installment Of The Killer Gingerbread Man Series)
GIRLS AND CORPSES MAGAZINE   (The First Comedy Magazine About Death With Hot Babes)
GIRLS GONE DEAD   (Movie - A Horror/Comedy Where A Battle Axe Wielding Killer Attacks A Spring Break Party)
GNOMBIES   (Killer Zombie Garden Gnome Statues)
GOBLINHAUS   (Horror, Haunts, Monsters Stuff, Music, Movies & Lots More)
GREAT AMERICAN GOTHIC   (Custom Handmade Items & Other Morbid Curiosities)
GRENDEL'S DEN DESIGN STUDIO   (Designs That Draw From The Unique, Imaginative & Fantastique)
GRIMM UP NORTH   (Manchester England's Home Of Horror & Cult Films)
GRINDHOUSE RELEASING   (Distribution Company For Restoration Of Classic Cult Exploitation Films)
GUNNAR HANSEN   (Actor - Leatherface In The Original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Movie)
GUTEN MONSTERS   (Cuddly Plush Sock Monsters Created By Ophelia Von Gray)

H.P. LOVECRAFT FILM FESTIVAL   (Film Festival In Oregon & California Celebrating The Work Of H.P. Lovecraft)
HALLOWEEN 2   (Movie - Official Website For The Rob Zombie Remake)
HALLOWEEN EXTREME   (A Halloween & Horror Explosion Convention In Orlando, Florida USA)
HALLOWEEN HAUNTED SCENES   (Haunted Scenes Printed On Huge Banners For Your Haunted Attractions)
HALLOWEEN MOVIES   (Official Website For Michael Myers & The HALLOWEEN Movies)
HALLOWEEN PRODUCTIONS   (Interactive Dark Rides, Haunted Houses, Custom Animation & Special Effects)
HALLOWEEN UNIVERSITY   (Educational Programs For The Halloween & Haunt Industry)
HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS   (Hansel And Gretel Are All Grown Up And Hunting Down Witches)
HARCOS LABS   (Zombie Jerky, Vampire Energy Blood Packs, Brain Bits Energy Candy & Lots More)
HATCHET 2   (Movie - Victor Crowley Is Back To Slaughter A New Bunch Of People Who Enter His Swamp)
HAUNT AT SUNRISE FARMS*   (Haunted Barn & Hayride Attraction In Gambrills, Maryland)
HAUNT LIFE   (Halloween And Horror Apparel And Merchandise For Fellow Haunters)
HAUNT REVIEWERS ASSOCIATION   (One Of A Kind Association For The Best Haunt Review Websites)
HAUNT WORLD   (Find Haunted Houses, Hayrides, Corn Mazes & Everything Halloween)
HAUNTCON   (Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow & Convention)
HAUNTED ENTERPRISES   (Affordable Professional Haunted Attraction Supplies)
HAUNTED MEMORIES   (The Original Line Of Spooky Changing Portraits Based On Antique Photographs)
HAUNTED MINES   (Haunted Attraction On The Historic Old Mining Grounds In Colorado Springs, Colorado)
HAUNTER'S DEPOT   (Your Premier Source For Halloween And Other Seasonal Merchandise)
HAYMAN HALLOWEEN FARMS   (Carlisle, Pennsylvania's Newest Fall Attraction & Scream Park)
HELL HORROR   (Horror Movies, Trailers, Books, Videos & Everything Horror Related)
HELL SCREAM HAUNTS   (The Scariest Haunted Attraction In Colorado Springs, Colorado)
HIGH TENSION   (Movie - A Stranger Shows Up On A Quiet Farmhouse And Slaughters The Whole Family)
HISSS   (Movie - A Giant Snake Woman Hunts And Kills People In A Small Village In India)
HOME HAUNTERS ASSOCIATION   (Your Skeleton Key To Home Haunting)
HOME PAGE OF THE DEAD   (George A Romero's DEAD films & Information On All Things Dead & Zombies)
HORROR ASYLUM   (Horror Movie Entertainment News And Reviews)
HORROR BOOBS   (The Best In Breast From All Genres Of Cinema)
HORROR CHANNEL   (Horror Movies, News And More All On One Cable Channel)
HORROR DVDS   (Your Source For All Horror Films On DVD & Blu Ray)
HORROR FEST    (Barn Of Horror, Hayride Of Horror & Haunted Farm At Shady Brook Farms in Pennsylvania)
HORROR FIND WEEKEND   (Horror, Halloween & Supernatural Convention In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
HORROR HOUND MAGAZINE   (The Best Magazine Out There For Everything In The Horror Genre)
HORROR HOUND WEEKEND   (Killer Horror Convention Put On By The People At HORROR HOUND Magazine)
HORROR IDOLS   (Originally Sculpted. Pre-Painted, Autographed Figurines Of Modern Horror Film Characters)
HORROR MERCHANDISE   (Your One Stop For All Forms Of Killer Horror Merchandise)
HORROR REALM   (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Modern Horror Convention)
HOSTEL   (Movie - American In Europe Are Sold To The Highest Bidder For Torture On The Black Market)
HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA   (Animated Movie - Dracula Runs A Hotel For Monsters & Creatures Of All Kinds)
HOUSE OF MYSTERIOUS SECRETS*   (Specializing In Horror Merchandise & Collectibles)
HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL   (Movie - A Group Of People Must Survive A Night In An Abandoned Mental Hospital)
HOUSECORE HORROR FILM FEST   (PANTERA & DOWN's Phil Anselmo's Horror Film Festival In Austin, Texas)

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME   (Movie - Abducted Girl  Returns, Missing Limbs, No Memory & Different Personality)
I SELL THE DEAD   (Movie - 19th Century Grave Robber Recounts His Adventures With The Dead & Undead)
I SKULL HALLOWEEN*   (Website For Halloween Author Lesley Bannatyne)
IMMORTAL MASKS   (Revolutionizing The Silicone Mask Industry)
INFECTION: THE INVASION BEGINS   (Worm Like Creatures From Space Infect People & Turn Them Into Zombies)
INSIDIOUS   (An Evil Spirit Possesses A Families Home And The Family Themselves)
INTERIOR   (Movie - One Man Alone In A Haunted House Over The Course Of One Night)

JERSEY DEVIL PRODUCTIONS   (Production Company Dedicated To Creating Horror And Thriller Films)
JESTER FX   (Sculpting, Mold Making, Special FX, Costume Design, Prop Fabrication & Concept Art)
JOHN DIES AT THE END   (Movie - A Street Drug Takes Users On A Trip Through Times And Dimensions)

KILLER PAD   (Movie - Horror Comedy Directed By Robert "Freddy Kreuger" Englund)
KIM'S KRYPT   (Haunted Attraction With Hearse Rides In Essex, Maryland)
KREATION X   (Horror Masks, Busts, Custom Sculptures & More)
KROOKED KREATIONS   (High Quality Silicone Masks And Effects)

LADIES OF THE EVIL DEAD   (The Three Lovely Ladies Who Played Linda, Cheryl & Shelly In THE EVIL DEAD)
LEGENDS HAUNTING AT OLD TOWN   (Haunted House Town Attraction In Florida USA)
LET ME IN   (Movie - A 12 Year Old Vampire Girl Commits Grisly Murders In A Small New Mexico Town)
LOKI'S WORKSHOP   (Complete Haunt Design, Attraction Overhauls, Creepy One Of A Kind Props)
LORD OF THE RINGS   (Movies - Peter Jackson's Film Trilogy & More Based On J.R.R. Tolkien's Masterpieces)
LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE   (Movie - The Frog Brothers Track Down And Kill A New Group Of Vampires)

MACHETE   (Movie - Danny Trjeo Is A Ex-Fedrale Set Out For Revenge When His Whole Family Is Killed)
MAD MONSTER   (Horror Magazine, Radio Show & Horror Conventions)
MARTHA ROTTEN   (Hand Crafted Lead Free Pewter Jewelry & Gifts)
MASS GRAVE PICTURES   (The Future Of Underground Horror)
MASSACRE VIDEO   (Horror, Cult, Mondo & Oddball DVDs & VHS Movies)
MASTERS OF HORROR   (TV Show - The Greats Of The Horror Industry Direct New Original One Hour Movies)
MEET THE FEEBLES   (Movie - Variety Show That's Like The Muppet's On Crack Directed By Peter Jackson)
MERCHANTS OF MENACE   (Makers Of Menacing Merchandise Like Magnets, Clocks, Buttons & Lots More)
MICRO HORROR   (Short Horror Stories. Endless Nightmares.)
MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE   (Halloween, Gothic, Horror & Fantasy Soundtracks)
MILE HIGH HORROR FILM FESTIVAL   (Horror Film Festival In Denver, Colorado USA)
MONROEVILLE ZOMBIES   (Museum & Attraction At The Famed Monroeville Mall In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)
MONSTER IN MY CLOSET   (New Jersey's Premiere Special Effects Make Up And Design Studio)
MONSTER MAN GRAPHICS   (Fine Custom Art Creations In A Horror Vein By Scott Jackson)
MONSTER MANIA   (Killer Horror Conventions In New Jersey & Maryland)
MONSTER MASTERPIECES   (The Painted History Of The Horror Film Collector's Cards)
MONSTERS 411*   (Articles, Interviews, Magazines, Reviews & Everything Else Dedicated To Monsters)
MONSTERS UNIVERSE   (For All Things Monsters From Toys, Statues, Clothing, Literature & Lots More)
MORBID MAYHEM*   (A Place For Writers & Artists OF All Kinds To Come Together)
MORPHSTORE   (Original And Custom FX Makeup)
MOTOR CITY NIGHTMARES WEEKEND OF HORRORS   (Horror Convention In Novi, Michigan)
MUCKLE BONES   (Professional Museum Quality Halloween Props, Decor And Monsters)
MURDER SET PIECES   (Movie - A Photographer Tortures, Rapes & Murders Women In This Sexploitation Film)
MUSEUM OF THE WEIRD   (Wax Figure Museum Of Your Favorite Famous Monsters & Lots More)
MY SOUL TO TAKE   (Movie - A Killer Returns To Kill The People That Were Born On The Day He Died)
MYSTERIOUS PAST   (Phineas J. Legheart Vampire Killing Kits)

NATIONAL HAUNTERS CON   (Haunters, Haunted Attractions & Horror Con In King Of Prussia, Pa. USA)
NEIGHBOR   (Movie - America Olivo Is A Sexy Neighbor Who Seduces, Tortures And Violently Kills People)
NETHER WORLD HAUNTED HOUSE   (A Walk Through Dark Attraction Haunted House In Norcross, Georgia USA)
NEW JERSEY ZOMBIE WALK   (The World's Largest Gathering Of Zombies)
NEW YORK CITY HORROR FILM FESTIVAL   (Horror Movie Film Festival In New York City)
NEVER SLEEP AGAIN   (Movie - Killer Documentary On The NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Film Franchise)
NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET   (Movie - 2011 Remake Of The Classic 1980's Horror Film)
NIGHTMARES IN RED WHITE AND BLUE   (Documentary On The Evolution Of The American Horror Film)
NIGHT OF TERROR   (New Jersey's Premiere Haunt)
NIGHT OWL PRODUCTIONS   (High Quality Masks And Props By Justin Mabry)
NINJAS VS VAMPIRES   (Movie - Exactly What The Title Says, Ninjas Battle It Out With Undead Vampires)
NYC HORROR FEST   (America's Largest Genre Film Fest Focusing On Horror & Sci-Fi)

OBSCURA   (Antiques & Oddities Store In New York & Location Of The History Channel Show Oddities)
OH MY GORE   (Horror Movies, Videos, News, Photos & More)
ONE MISSED CALL   (Movie - People Get Phone Calls From The Future Of Themselves Right Before They Die)
ORPHAN   (Movie - Trouble Follows A Little Russian Orphan Girl As People Around Her Keep Ending Up Dead)
OTIS   (Movie - A Young Cheerleader Escapes The Clutches Of A Psychopath & Her Family Takes Revenge)
OZOMBA   (The Home Of The Official Obama Zombie T-Shirt)

PALLBEARER PRESS   (Horror Shirts, Toys, Novelties And Lots More...)
PARANORMAL BOOKS & CURIOSITIES   (Museum, Exhibits, Books, Haunting & Paranormal Tours & More)
PARANORMAN   (Animated Movie - A Kid Talks To The Dead And Rids His Town Of A Zombie Horde Take Over)
PARLOR OF HORROR*   (All Things Horror...And Some Sci-Fi Too)
PHANTASM   (Home For The Tallman, His Killer Dwarves & Everything Eles On The PHANTASM Movie Series)
PHILLY ZOMBIE CRAWL   (Huge Gathering Of Zombies That Roam The Streets Of Philadelphia)
PITCH BLACK   (Movie - A Prison Spaceship Crashes On A Planet With Killer Creatures)
PIRANHA 3DD   (Movie - The Flesh Eating Piranhas Are Back And Invading A Popular Water Park)
POULTRYGEIST   (Movie - It's The Night Of The Chicken Dead, TROMA's Zombie Chicken Movie)
PRIEST   (Movie - In The Post Apocalyptic Future Priest Fight Vampire Creatures)
PROM NIGHT   (Movie - 2008 Remake Film About A Slasher Who Kills Teens At Their Senior Prom)
PROMOTE HORROR*   (A Place Where You Can Spread The Horror On Anything Or Anyone Horror Related)
PSYCHIC MYSTERY   (The Best Magazine For Paranormal Activity & Many More Supernatural Phenomenons)
PYRETTAS LAIR*   (Gothic Clothing, Band Merchandise, Home Decor & Accessories)
PYRO PAINTER   (Artist Michael L. Stewart Who Mixes Photography, Painting & Graphic Art With Fire Images)

QUARANTINE   (Movie - An L.A. Apartment Building Gets Sealed Off When A Zombie Virus Infects The Tenants)

REAPER'S REVENGE   (Haunted House, Haunted Hayride & More Haunted Attractions In Montdale, Pennsylvania)
RED HOOK   (A Bunch Of Friends Have A Scavenger Hunt & With Each New Clue Someone Dies)
RED RIDING HOOD   (Movie - Reimagining Of The Classic Fairy Tale)
RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE   (Movie - Milla Jovovich Stars In The Fourth Film Of The Zombie Series)
RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION   (Movie - Milla Jovovich Stars In The Third Film Of The Zombie Series)
ROBERT ENGLUND   (Actor - Mr. Freddy Krueger From The NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Film Series)
ROCKY MOUNTAIN HAUNT FEST   (Ghouls Gulch & Delirium Haunted House In Colorado Springs, Colorado USA)
ROSWELL INTERNATIONAL SCI-FI FILM FEST   (Aliens In Cinema Festival In Roswell, New Mexico USA)
RUBBER   (Movie - A Killer Car Tire With Psychic Powers Kills Birds, Rabbits & Humans)
RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE   (Horror In Culture And Entertainment)

SALEM WITCH MUSEUM   (Most Visited Museum In Salem Massachusetts)
SAM HAIN HORROR   (Home Of Some Killer Horror Fiction Books)
SATANS SIDE SHOW   (Notorious Novelties And Treasures Like Sideshow, Freaks, Punks, Horror & More)
SAW   (Official Website For Jigsaw & The Saw Films)
SAW 3D: THE FINAL CHAPTER   (Movie - Jigsaw Survivors Recount Their Experiences With The Killer In 3D)
SAW 5   (Movie - The Legacy Of Jigsaw Continues As More People Fall Into His Life Or Death Traps)
SCARE HAVEN   (Halloween Horror Products & Merchandise)
SCARE PRODUCTS   (High Quality Props & Products For The Haunted Attraction Industry)
SCARE SHOP   (Black Market Apparel And Bizarre Oddities)
SCARES THAT CARE   (Horror Fans Unite To Help Sick Children!)
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SEED   (Movie - A Serial Killer Seeks Revenge On The People Who Buried Him Alive)
SEVERANCE   (Movie - A Team Building Weekend Where Everyone Gets Hunted By Killers In The Woods)
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SILENT HILL   (Movie - A Mother Must Search For Her Lost Daughter In A Town Filled With Strange People)
SILENT HILL: REVELATION   (Movie - A Daughter Must Fight Demons In Search For Her Missing Father)
SINISTER   (Movie - An Evil Demon From Another World Comes To Ours An Steals Children To Devour Them)
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SUCK   (Movie - A Rock 'N' Roll Band Will Do Anything To Become Famous & Get Turned Into Vampires)
SUPER 8   (Movie - Six Kids Accidentally Film A Train Wreck And Discover Something Unimaginable Escaped)
SWEENEY TODD: DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET   (Movie - Barber Kills People And Cooks Them Into Pies)
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TEDDY SCARES   (Once Soft And Cuddly, Now Dead And Bloody Teddy Bears)
TELLURIDE HORROR SHOW   (3 Day Horror Film Festival In Telluride, Colorado, USA)
TEENAGE LOVE ZOMBIES   (A Killer Web Comic About Love & Horror By Kevin Gentilcore)
TERROR BEHIND THE WALLS   (A Massive Haunted House In A Real Prison At Eastern State Penitentiary)
TERROR FILM FESTIVAL   (International Independent Film Festival In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
THANKSKILLING   (Movie - A Killer Turkey Is On The Loose & Out For Blood Thirsty Revenge)
THE 5K ZOMBIE RUN   (A 5k Zombie Run In Tampa, Florida USA)
THE ALPHABET KILLER   (Movie - A True Story Of A Serial Killer In Rochester, NY That Stalks Little Girls)
THE BATES MOTEL & HAUNTED HAYRIDE   (America's Most Horrifying Hotel In Pennsylvania)
THE CABIN IN THE WOODS   (Movie - A New Twist On A Classic Tale Of Friends Alone In A Cabin In The Woods)
THE CHILDREN   (Movie - At Christmas The Children Become Ill And Start Killing Off Their Parents)
THE CHOKE   (Movie - A Rock Band Get Slaughtered In A Rock Club That Used To Be A Meat Packing Plant)
THE CLINIC   (Movie - A Pregnant Woman Wakes Alone In A Tub And Her Baby Has Been Cut From Her Stomach)
THE COLLECTION   (Movie - A Serial Kills & Kidnaps People In Trunks For His Sadistic Collection)
THE DEAD MATTER   (Movie - Zombie / Vampire Flick Starring Horror FX Legend Tom Savini)
THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL   (Three Lost Souls Must Confront Their Sins At The Carnival Run By The Devil Himself)
THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE   (Movie - A 19 Year Old Girl Gets Possessed By Demons)
THE EYE   (Movie - A Blind Violinist Has A Surgery To Get Her Sight Back And Now Sees Visions Of Ghosts)
THE FLESH FARM   (The Macabre, Bizarre And Grotesque Of Horror Cinema)
THE FOURTH KIND   (Movie - True Life Alien Abductions In Alaska)
THE GEMINI COMPANY   (Visual Arts Studio That Produces Sideshow Replicas, Skulls, Dark Novelties & More)
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THE GORE HOUND   (Horror Movie Reviews, Articles, Videos, Trailers, Interviews, Metal News & Reviews)   
THE GRUDGE 2   (Movie - The Grudge Curse Spread From The Burnt Out House In Tokyo To Everyone In It's Path)
THE HAUNTED HYDRO   (Dark Attraction Park In Fremont, Ohio USA)
THE HAUNTED PRISON   (Haunted Prison Performance At Burlington County Prison In Mt. Holly, New Jersey)
THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO   (Movie - Ex Wrestler & His Sexy Sister Fight Off Dr. Satan)
THE HILLS HAVE EYES   (Movie - A Family Is Tortured By A Group Of Mutant Cannibals In The Desert Mountains)
THE HILLS RUN RED   (Movie - Fans Search Location Of A Lost Horror Slasher Flick & Become The New Victims)
THE HOST   (Movie - A Giant River Monster Destroys A Small Japanese City & Snacks On Humans)
THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL   (Movie - A Babysitter Gets Caught Up In Some Ritualistic Cult During An Eclipse)
THE HUNT   (Movie - From The Director Of CHILDREN OF THE CORN, Where The Hunters Become The Hunted)
THE LATE DR. LADY SHOW   (Late Night Horror Movie Host TV Show & Haunted Attraction)
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THE SCARE FACTOR   (Providing The Best Reviews For Haunted Houses & Dark Attractions)
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THE WOMAN IN BLACK   (Movie - Creepy Dark Ghost Story From HAMMER FILMS)
THE ZOMBIE KRONICLES   (Killer Zombie Graphic Novel And Soon To Be Movie)
THE ZOMBIE RUN   (Three Mile Runs In Different Cities Across The United States During The Zombie Apocalypse)
THIRTEEN GHOSTS   (Movie - A Family Inherits A House Haunted By 13 Different Violent Ghosts)
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