"BLOODLINES" is the second full length release from Providence Rhode Island's Stoner /
Doom Metal masters
HOWL. These guys may only be on their second album, but have
been tearing up the scene since 2007. They plant their music firmly in the Stoner / Doom
Metal genre, but they add in way much more than the typical band playing this style. They
do the slow drawn out Stoner passages, better than a lot of bands, but then they add in the
thick pounding Doom Metal as well. The thing I liked the best about these guys is that they
add in a lot of strong Death metal elements too. The music will sometimes lean more
towards one style, but then they mix them all together to create a huge massive wall of
sound. The vocals are done in kind of a crossover Death / Doom Metal style for the most
part. At times they will get faster, lower and more Death Metal growling, while at other
times they slow down, get a little groggy and drawn out. HOWL is in no way the typical
Stoner / Doom Metal band. They will draw in many fans of those genres as well as pull in a
huge amount of Death Metal fans. This is a must for fans of
& KYLESA. If you liked their first album "FULL OF HELL"
then your going to love "BLOODLINES"! An amazing Doom / Stoner Metal release from
start to finish!