HUMANGLED hails from Italy and plays extreme Death Metal music. These guys are not
that well known, but they have been around since 1996. The band started out as a two piece
band under the name
PUTRID SEQUENCE. They had a rotating line up for years and put
out a few demos. Once the line up was solidified they changed their name to
HUMANGLED. These guys play an old school style of Death metal that is very raw,
aggressive and straight forward. The music is done in an old European Death Metal style
that was popular in the 90's. The sound is a bit rough sounding, but that is what I believe
they wanted. I became a huge fan of Death metal in the late 80's & early 90's so I love bands
like this. It takes me back to the demo days and when bands would trade demos with each
other and had to write through snail mail, because there was no Internet yet. The vocals are
done in a groggy Death Metal growl style. This is a must for fans of old
& ENTOMBED. These four tracks were
not enough for me so I can't wait to hear what they put out next!