The Malaysian Death Metal war monsters known as HUMILIATION are back. These
guys have been fighting through the underground scene since 2009. They have really built a
huge underground following for themselves. "TURBULENCE FROM THE DEEP" is the
bands first album for
DEEPSEND RECORDS and their fourth full length over all. I have
followed these guys for years and even helped distribute their first releases on my label.
They have gotten better and better with each new release. They play an old school style of
Death Metal music that takes you back to the late '80's & early '90's when Thrash Metal
was merging into Death Metal music. They tend to lean more towards the Death Metal
side in the majority of the music. The guitar work of Matt & Asraf is where you can hear a
lot of the Thrash Metal influences coming in. This is true with some of the song
arrangements as well. Their Death Metal influences are definitely old school, but this time
around they have some slight Doom Metal touches, but this is only in some of the slower
parts. Their sound is more of an European Death Metal mixed with Mid West American
Death Metal from the '90's era. Bear-Bee's vocals are done in a mid ranged harsh and gritty
Death Metal growl style. I am really glad to see
HUMILIATION get signed and being able
to spread their war themed Death Metal to the masses. I hope this new release draws them
a hell of a lot more attention. One of my all time favorite underground bands that I think
every Death Metal fan needs to hear and should give them as much support as they can.
Every one needs to experience
HUMILIATION in their lives!