This is a killer split 7" release from BRUTAL ART RECORDS featuring
HUMILIATION out of Malaysia and OBSCURE INFINITY out of Germany. Both
bands have two songs each. Side A is
HUMILIATION with the tracks "By One Code" and
"With Helmet With Hate". These guys play a crushing style of Death Metal music they
like to call Malaysian Military Death Metal. This is because all of their music revolves
around the military, war, destruction and killing. These guys have been around since 2009
and have put out a massive catalog of music already. I have been a huge fan of these guys
and would recommend anything by them. They play old school Death Metal music with
touches of Thrash Metal mixed in. The Thrash Metal comes in some of the guitar
arrangements and layouts of the songs. They have a killer Death / Thrash groove that runs
through a lot of their songs. The vocals are done in the Death Metal growl style, but where
you can still understand them. These guys remind me of a combination of
& early MEGADETH rolled into one.
HUMILIATION is one of my all time favorite underground bands. Look for an up coming
interview I will be doing with vocalist Bear Bee in the near future. Side B belongs to
OBSCURE INFINITY with the tracks "Joyless Flesh" and "Morbid Ways Of God" Live.
OBSCURE INFINITY play pure rotten old school style of Death metal music. They have
that killer German Death Metal sound from the early '90's. It also has a bit of Thrash metal
influences in the sound. This is when Death metal was becoming very dominate. Their
sound reminds me of when I was tape trading back in the late '80's and early '90's and
getting killer bands out of Germany. If you like your old school Death Metal with a gritty
raw and extremely aggressive and brutal sound then your going to love
. These guys also have a Thrash Metal vibe when it comes to some of the guitar
work. This is one very cool split release from two really good and very talented bands, the
only downfall is that it's only two songs from each band. Just when your starting to really
love it, it ends. I want and need more from both of these bands. Get this and search out
both bands back catalog of amazing releases!