"GOODBYE NATION" is the third album from Italian Metal band IBRIDOMA.
IBRIDOMA has been Rockin' the Metal music scene since 2001 and have been gaining
more and more of a loyal fan base along the way. The band plays a gritty and dirty Heavy
Metal style of music that reminds me of a lot of the bands that were playing on the L.A.
strip back in the '80's, just with more style and talent. They do have those elements as well
as some more modern Heavy Metal and Hard Rock elements mixed in. The band has a very
cool dirty biker bar band feel as well. I dig bands that play old school Heavy Metal but do
something to let them stand out a bit from the pack. The music itself is like a more
modernized style of that Sleeze Metal / Glam Metal style of the '80's. They reminded me
of an early version of
MOTLEY CRUE mixed with LED ZEPPELIN just more stylized
and cleaner sounding. The vocals of Christian Bartolacci were like a combination of
BUCKCHERRY & RUSH, which is kind of weird, but it sounded good to me. I know
these guys are really starting to get big in their home country of Italy and after this release I
can see them start to pick up more and more fans world wide!