IDEOGRAM is a fairly new Metal band in the underground scene. They formed out of
Milan, Italy back in 2012 and play Avantgarde Metal music. The music is combination of
Death Metal, Black Metal and Gothic Metal. They have a very solid balance between the
three genres where neither style every really dominates over the others. There is a strong
dark feel and vibe to their music which is where the Gothic and Black Metal styles come
out. The gloomier and more melodic parts are Gothic Metal, while the harsher and more
cold parts is where the Black Metal surfaces. The faster more aggressive parts is where
you can hear the Death Metal influences coming into play. They have a very cool balance
of these styles that would pull in fans of any of the three genres. I love when bands mesh
together the harsh aggression with the smooth melodic beauty. This definitely comes out in
the combination of Opera's majestic and beautiful angelic vocals hitting head on with
Kabuki's lower ended Death Metal growls. These guys reminded me a little bit of the great
LACUNA COIL, but just a bit heavier and darker sounding. One of the better new bands
in the scene today playing this style of music. Everyone should check these guys out and
give them much love and support, because they definitely deserve it. For fans of