ILL NINO is a killer Metal band out of the New York / New Jersey area. These guys have
been around the scene for a while now and with each new release just keep building their
fan base bigger and bigger. Their newest release on
"EPIDEMIA". This release is a one song DVD Video for the song "La Epidemia". The
video is mostly done in a live setting, with some back stage clips mixed in. There is also a
gust vocal appearance of Frankie Palmeri of
EMMURE. The clips with Frankie & ILL
vocalist Cristian Machado are done in an abandoned indoor pool some where. The
band plays a Modern Death Metal style of music but add in lots of flavouring. They mix in
influences of Hardcore & Thrash Metal to their sound as well. On this new releases they
continue with their signature blend of Latin influences, tribal rhythms and blasting riffs.
After seeing this video it really makes you want to see these guys in a live setting. It just
seems like so much energy and tons of fun. After you hear their music you will know why
they have been around for over 15 years and sold over a million albums worldwide. Check
out this amazing band!