ILLDISPOSED is one of Denmark's finest Death Metal bands ever. These guys have been
kicking out crushing music since they formed back in 1991. The band, like most bands, has
gone through many changes over the years, but with the release of "SENSE THE
DARKNESS" the band has finally, in my opinion, found their sound. These guys plant their
music foundation firmly in Death Metal music, but they add a lot more to their sound then
most bands of this genre. The music is done in a well thought out manor with many levels of
diversity all while still staying true to their core. There are a lot of heavily involved technical
parts mixed with some more melodic and some what chilled out parts. In the slightly slower
parts you can almost hear a slow Doom Metal dirge with a some what Sludge Metal vibe. At
other times when the guitar parts are more showcased you can hear a grooved out Thrash
Metal sound. While the majority of the bands song parts are done in a killer old school meets
new school form of Death Metal music. The vocals are done in a mid to low ranged Death
growl style that is really thick and solid sounding. I could see fans of just about every style
of Metal music really getting into these guys. I loved every second of this release. After one
listen to this album, I just had to keep looping it and playing it over and over again. Every
Death Metal collection needs to
ILLDISPOSED in it to make it feel some what complete.
One of the best Death Metal bands out there and after one listen there will be no surprise
that they have lasted 20 years!!! A must have!