Singapore's IMPIETY are back with their eighth studio release. After one listen to
"RAVAGE AND CONQUER" you will know why these guys are one of the all time best
Metal bands to emerge from Singapore. These guys play a Blackened Thrash Metal style.
There is a lot of mixtures of old school and new school Black Metal elements present, but
the old school tends to dominate. The raw, harsh and aggressive sound blankets the
majority of their sound. Fast paced blast beats, speeding raw guitar riffs and a massive full
sound is what these guys have to offer. The guitar arrangements and most of the crunchy
riffs is where the Thrash Metal is most present. The vocals are done in a harsh, hallowed
Black Metal growl / scream style. These guys have been blowing me away for years with
each new release they drop and this new one is no different. A highly talented and killer
band that deserves much more attention then they have gotten. Each new release out does
the previous one.