Texas' IMPRECATION is back with their first full length release "SATANAE TENEBRIS
INFINITA". These guys play old school Texan Death Metal music that is straight out of
the late '80's and early '90's. The band started back in 1991 and then went on hiatus in
1998. The year 2009 saw the resurrection of this beast and they have been giving us pure
evil Death metal since. The bands sound, logo and album artwork all have an old D.I.Y.
Black metal vibe to it. This I believe is intentional as they want to play Death Metal in the
old school way. I was a little surprised they were from Texas, because their sound has a
more European vibe to it. The Death Metal parts definitely have that Texan Death Metal
feel from the early '90's. The Black metal elements I hear remind me of European Black
metal that was coming out of France, Greece & Italy back in the '90's. It's kind of dark,
dreary and extremely raw sounding. There is an old Satanic evilness to their sound which
takes me back to the early days of Black Metal's origins. The vocals are a mid ranged
throaty thick Black / Death Metal growl style. Combine the best parts of
and you will get exactly what IMPRECATION has to offer!