One of the Death Metal scenes greats are back with their ninth full length studio album
INCANTATION formed back in 1989 and hail from my
home state of Pennsylvania. These guys have been hailed as one of the pioneers of the
Death Metal genre and rightfully so. They have helped shape this genre and inspired and
influenced so many bands that have come after them. They play an old school style of
Death Metal music that is a bit raw and more aggressive than most out there. The bass
their sound firmly in the Death Metal style, but they do have some elements of Black
Metal and Doom Metal that come through as well. There is a slow dirge and drawn out
style to some of their songs that is where the Doom Metal comes into play. At times it
almost has a slight Funeral Metal sound to it. In the faster and more aggressive parts is
where the Death Metal just steam rolls you and beats the hell out of you. I loved the
rhythmic style of the guitars that kind of push their sound forward with some chugging
riffs. The darker more harsher and colder parts is where some of the Black Metal
influences shine through. John McEntee's vocals are done in a mid ranged thick Death
growl with some slightly lower almost Black Metal growls mixed in. These guys have
been crushing it through out the years and well deserve the praise for what they have done
with this genre. "DIRGES OF ELYSIUM" combines the sounds of their early releases
(my favorites), with elements of their most recent releases. This is one to please older fans
who have been there from the beginning and newer fans jumping on now! All hail the