There is no doubt that INCANTATION is one of the most extreme and one of the most
important Death metal bands in the underground scene. If your reading this you probably
already know this and are familiar with the greatness of
INCANTATION. They started
back in 1989 in my home state of Pennsylvania. They have unleashed killer album after
album. Their newest masterpiece is "VANQUISH IN VENGEANCE". These guys have
stayed true to their roots through out their entire existence by playing killer old school brutal
Death Metal music. The music is ultra tight, fast and blasphemous all through out. The
guitar work by John McEntee is some of the best in the Death Metal scene. The fact that
they add in some Doom Metal influences along with all the brutality is what I like the best
about the band. They stand tall with all the other greats in the Death Metal genre, but I feel
these guys are a much more diverse, talented and all around better band than some of the
bands that are more popular than them. These have a strong and well deserved following,
but they deserve much more. John McEntree has giving so much to the scene over the years
IBEX MOON RECORDS, playing in his wife's band FUNERUS and so much more.
If you have never heard
INCANTATION before, what the hell is wrong with you! These
guys are one of the best examples of what a great Death Metal band is. Buy this album and
every single one of their past releases. Every Death Metal collection will only be better if
INCANTATION is a part of it!