Way back when, it was easy to say, “ I love this band from Pittsburgh”, or “There’s this
excellent band from Phoenix”. The mass globalization of Metal and possibly the
shrinking of the world due to the Internet has made stating simplistic locales for bands
harder and harder. One such band is
INCINERATE. These guys are from all over,
Minnesota, Louisiana, Canada, and from what I've read, this album was recorded in three
different locations as well. Gone are the days of band’s calling it quits because of having
to drive an hour to practice. Furthermore, it’s a small wonder that drummer Darren Cesca
even has a spare 20 minutes to get to a practice or recording session seeing just how
many bands he has and is playing in. Names like
and a ga-zillion others. It's well
documented that my love of highly technical, blast-beat ridden, Death Metal is marginal
at best. I’m pulling out the most unbiased reviewing skills at my disposal for this one,
because this is exactly the order of the day with
INCINERATE. Well, simply saying
“technical” doesn't do this one justice. Think the “ENERGETIC DISASSEMBLY” LP if
WATCHTOWER were a Death Metal band. The music is mostly fast, and changing
tempos midstream is obviously NOT a problem for these guys. It almost reminds me of
a huge flock of birds. They all move in unison and when they change direction, they
instantaneously all change direction. If they can pull this off live, they have my eternal
respect! Alongside the extreme technical music is the extreme conceptual aspect of
INCINERATE’s work. Again losing me at minute one, but that’s not a reflection on the
band, simply a reflection at my lack of concentration. There are some seriously extreme
concepts going on here, lyrically. The final original track on the album though “Fucking
The Rotting Nun” is pretty much something all of us can wrap our head around though.  
These guys put an excellent sample from the movie
SEVEN to awesome use on this too.
I've always had a problem getting lost in the technicality of extreme music, and with
“ERADICATING TERRESTRIAL SPECIES“, me getting lost isn't even the issue. Me
even getting started is. By the time I commit to listening to one song on this album,
they've already changed things up five times. Personally, this isn't for me, but there is a
huge contingent of the Death Metal fan base that appreciates this extreme end of the
INCINERATE execute this side of Death Metal extremely well and perform it
unbelievably tight. I couldn't even imagine trying to keep up musically with this flying
swarm of guitars, drums, bass, and vocals, but
INCINERATE do it with seeming ease.  
Surely this is an exceptionally competent act and fans of the most extreme forms of
Death Metal found on the likes of the
and COMATOSE MUSIC’s roster would surely give
”ERADICATING TERRESTRIAL SPECIES” a happy home. Just a couple loose ends
to tie up. The first being  (SPOILER ALERT) there is an unlisted
cover (“One By One”) at the end of the album. The second being a huge “kudos” for the
HANNIBAL sample in “Unable To Ascend (Loss Of Faith)”.

                                                                                            - Reviewed by Keith Dempe