Catlonia, Spain's INFECTED FLESH have emerged once again to spew forth another slab
of extreme Death Metal music, this time in the name of "CONCATENATION OF SEVERE
INFECTIONS". The band started out back in 1997 and then became a one man project in
2006. With this new release Roger B. (vocals, guitar & bass) has been joined by Seth Van De
Loo (drums & vocals). The band is now a two piece, but nothing has changed, cause they are
still brutal as hell. The music is based in Death Metal, but they add in much Grindcore along
the way. The music is super fast, spastic sounding Grindcore with tons of old school brutal
Death Metal. The drumming is so tight, fast and ultra smooth, that it almost makes you think
it's programmed. How can some one drum that fast? The guitar work is very grindy and
crunchy sounding with lots of shredding all through out. They remind me of a lot of the
Death / Grind bands that come out of Mexico and a lot of bands on their label
. The vocals are sick as shit, with mid ranged Death growls / screams blended with
low ended guttural Death vomit like vocals. There is a lot of Gore / Horror themed lyrics that
round out the band perfectly. As if you would be surprised by the bands name and album
art. These guys are one of the most aggressive, brutal & intense bands playing this style. If
you like you Death Metal drowning in Grindcore and choking on gore, then your gonna love