Self Released

INFERION is a Black Metal band from Miami, Florida which many Black Metal fans
should already be familiar with. These guys have been around since 1995 and crushing it
with each new blasphemous release. "ABORTED BY THE SUN" was originally recorded
in 2003 under the name
FAREWELL MY ANGEL. The album never saw the light of
day because of a hard drive containing all the masters was damaged in a fire. Nick Reyes
recently discovered a DVD in a storage box that contained the masters. Once he realized
what he found he started working on re-recording the tracks. He redid the bass, drums and
vocals while training for the Special Forces. He used this as inspiration for doing the album.
These songs are slightly different than other material from
INFERION. They still have that
strong Black Metal feel, but with a little more Death Metal edge to it. The music is a bit raw
and noisy sounding, like old school Black Metal bands. There is kind of a European old
school Black Metal vibe through out the album. I would have guessed they were from
France, Greece or Italy. There is a dingy coldness that blankets their sound as well. The
vocals are done in a raw throaty Black metal growl style. If your a fan of European Black
Metal from back in the early 90's than you'll love