INFERNAL CONJURATION is an old school Death Metal band from Mexico. These
guys take things back to the early days of Death Metal by pulling elements from the late
'80's & early '90's scene. They hail from Mexico, but play a solid style of Floridian Death
Metal music. The thing that makes them stand out is that they have a heavy darkness to
them that almost has a Black Metal feel to it. These influences sound like early European
Black Metal bands though. I also liked the way they will go from a straight forward brutal
Death Metal type part and then sort of stop and slow thing down for a few seconds and
then blast you in the face again. Emmanuel Luna's vocal style reminded me of early
MORBID ANGEL mixed with VENOM & CELTIC FROST and some touches of
ACHERON & SODOM. There is some killer Thrash like riffs all mixed through out there
songs, which tends to give it that Blackened Thrash Metal sound. This is my first time
hearing these guys and I loved it. It took me back to my early days of becoming a Metal
head. They have gained a fan in me and I tend to play this album a lot as well as search out
their other releases. This is an absolute must for anyone a fan of Thrash / Black / Death
Metal music or any of the bands mentioned above! Get it now!