INFIDEL hails from Poland and plays extreme old school Black Metal music. These guys
take things back to the early days when Black Metal was really starting to form. The music
is very fast paced and some what chaotic Black Metal with a lot of blasphemous sounds.
They take a really fast paced almost Thrash Metal style to the guitars, just without all the
flare and cleanliness and kick it up a few notches. There is a rawness and coldness to the
guitars as well. The drums are super fast blasting all through out and just keep chugging
away at high speed. When the vocals kick in, you almost feel as if your in the pits of Hell
and these guys are the house band. Feniks vocals are mid ranged Black Metal growls and
screams, with some lower Death growls and higher more throaty Black metal screams
mixed within. If you dig old school European Black Metal from the late 80's & early 90's
INFIDEL is definitely the band for you. All Black Metal hordes need to get this band
in their collection!