INSAIN is a killer old school Death Metal band hailing from Paris, France. The band
started in 2008 and unfortunately split up in 2014. "ENLIGHTENING THE
UNKNOWN" is the bands last release before the break up and by far the bands best
album. They take elements of old school and new school Death Metal and mash them
together. The band has a bit of a darker and rawer feel to their sound which reminds me of
old school European Death Metal. The newer more intricate parts is where I can hear
some modern American Death Metal coming into play. The music is done at hyper speed
and rarely ever lets up. The guitar work is ultra tight and has a touch of a blackened
Thrash Metal vibe to it. The vocals are done in a dual style of mid to low ranged Death
Metal growls with some mid to high Black Metal growls accompanying them. These guys
were a band that was going to be a force in the Death Metal scene and it's sad that it has
come to an end, but at least they went out on a high note. This album is going to become a
fan favorite in the Death Metal underground! An amazing album through and through!