INSURRECTION is a Canadian Metal band that has been creating a name for themselves
since 2003. These guys have advanced their sound with each new release. They play a
grooved out style of Death Metal music. They take elements from old school brutality and
mix it new school technicality and then give it a killer groove. The music sometimes has a
Thrash Metal vibe, especially in the guitars. They have that crunchy gritty Thrash Metal
sound, but then take it up a notch and give it some Death Metal grinding. The music itself
has a really cool flow that goes from high speed Thrash / Death shredding, into a grooved
out part straight into some Death Metal mayhem. The vocals follow the same as the music.
There are some slower more gritty Thrash vocals mixed with low ended Death growls and
then some thick throaty Death Metal growls. These guys mix a lot together to come up
with a killer sound. They are as if
SLIPKNOT merged with FEAR FACTORY and then
combined with
DYING FETUS and added in some DECAPITATED and cover it with
LAMB OF GOD then toss in a little bit of SHADOWS FALL & KATAKLYSM.
These guys have taken an already worn and tired sound and molded it into something fresh.
"PROTOTYPE" was produced by Topon Das of another killer Canadian band