Self Released

One Ireland's best Metal bands is back with their third release to date entitled "SILENCE
THE FALLEN". This is the bands first release as a three piece after the loss of their
original singer. Bassist Darren Brown has taken over the vocal duties as well this time
around. The band plays a very aggressive Modern Metal style. It has a lot of the heaviness
and aggression found in Metalcore, with a more melodic spin that is present in a lot of
Modern Metal bands today. Some of the guitar work has an old school Thrash Metal vibe
to it. They also take a lot of the harder aggressiveness of Hardcore and blend it into the
middle of their sound. To round out the bands sound they add in a little of the groove
found in Hard Rock. The vocals are done in a mixture of the above styles with the
Metalcore, rough throaty growls dominating that majority. This is definitely the best that
the band has sounded and it's great to watch the progression of this amazing band over the
years. After hearing this release I can't wait to see what they deliver us next! Check out
this very talented band.