"WHORECRAFT" is the seventh full length release from the Czech Republic's
ISACAARUM. These guys have been destroying the ear drums of the masses since 1994.
These guys combine many elements from Death Metal, Black Metal and Grindcore
genres. I never heard a band combine these styles better than
ISACAARUM. These guys
take the ferocity and madness of Grindcore and stuff in elements of Death & Black Metal
all through out. The Death Metal has a killer mix of American Death Metal and European
Death Metal from the mid '90's mixed with some more modern technical styles of Death
Metal. Then they take some crushing cold and aggressive old school European Black
Metal and mesh it all together. They very rarely slow things done, but there are a few
times and they don't last long. The vocals are done in a groggy and throaty Black Metal
growl / scream style that crosses over into Grindcore a lot. I have been a big fan of these
guys for years now and they improve and out do themselves on each new release.
"WHORECRAFT" show cases
ISACAARUM at their best. This is yet another amazing
band that has emerged out of the Czech Republic scene and lasted for  many, many years.
After one listen to this newest release you will understand why! Everyone who
appreciates these three genres and wants to hear it played at it's best should pick up this
or any release from