Self Released

ISENMOR is a very cool Folk Metal band from Savage, Maryland. Yep, can you believe
it, some killer Folk Metal from the United States. These guys do have a very Vinlandic
Folk Metal style and one would definitely think they came from Finland or Norway. They
are fronted by dual violins surrounded by a massive Metal sound and soaking in traditional
Folk Metal music. They add in some keyboards to at some more layers and depth to their
sound as well. The music has a cool almost up beat sound, while still staying heavy and
brutal all through out. I love how they will take you on a massive Viking journey and then
will have this nice atmospheric sound and the journey is disrupted by massive amounts of
chaos and mayhem when the brutal Death Metal attacks. The vocals are mostly done in a
mid ranged groggy Death Metal growl with some clean and melodic vocals that sometimes
remind me of Viking chanting. I could see a lot of their music being used on the very good,
intense and bloody History Channel show
VIKINGS. If you dig Folk Metal music then
your going to love these guys. An absolute must for fans of
& ELUVEITIE. I would love to see these guys on an
PAGAN FEST tour, they would fit in perfectly!!!