Self Released

IT is a one man band project. The music is done in a kind of Black Metal style mixed with
Gothic Metal. The music sounds like it is done all on an organ and has a creepy Horror
movie type feel to it. The music on the first track is all instrumental and would go well as
the background music for some of the dark Horror films of the 70's, especially the more
HAMMER FILMS. The second track is a cover of BLACK SABBATH's
"Electric Funeral". This one is done slightly different and has more of a mechanical type
feel to it. The music itself sounds like it was done all on a computer and has a slightly
creepy feel to it too. The vocals are a mix between mid ranged clean vocals, higher pitched
clean vocals and lower ended Death Metal growls. This was a pretty decent different take
on the
BLACK SABBATH cover, but no offense to IT or anyone else out there, I would
rather hear
BLACK SABBATH over someone covering BLACK SABBATH.