Starring: Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendell, F. William Parker & more.

A prisoner named Jack Frost is being transferred to another facility when the transport vehicle
collides with another vehicle. The truck they collide with contains some genetic material that
transform him. He mutates into a crazed snow man with a plaid scarf and a carrot nose with a heart
of coal. Why he was transformed into this creature no body really knows, but it's a killer snowman,
so who really cares. He goes on a killing spree in a nearby small town. Most of the killings are kind
of done comical, but some are pretty inventive. If it wasn't a snowman and just a guy in a mask it
wouldn't really be comical. This isn't a flick to watch over and over again, but cool for one viewing.
You also get to see Shannon Elizabeth in one of her first acting roles too.