Not to be confused with upcoming Death / Thrash lords, KETZER, this band KEITZER,
(also from Germany) play a volatile and tight mix of Death Metal and Grindcore, leaning
more to the Death Metal end of the spectrum. Hearkening back to the first wave of
European Death Metal bands, many came with varying loads of Grindcore “baggage“.
KEITZER carry that baggage well, exhibited by the sub-growl/extreme Hardcore vocals
to the obligatory blast beats here and there. On “THE LAST DEFENCE” however, those
moments are more the exception as heavy, up tempo Death Metal is certainly the rule.
“THE LAST DEFENCE”, the band’s 5th full length album since 1999, is released on CD
F.D.A. REKOTZ and on limited edition LP by IFB RECORDS. KEITZER is also
responsible for two split releases, one with
DASKRILL in 2007 and one with
REMAINS OF THE DAY in 2003. The element that really came first to my attention
was the tight execution. It's not a live record, but sometimes you can almost sense
through the listening of a studio album, that this band just works well together and is not
simply a studio amalgamation. The band members also get lots of practice at their craft
with three of the members also playing in
ANDROPHAGOUS and their singer, Chaco,
also in
MORSER.  It’s pretty easy to see where these guys hone their skills. Steamroller
riffing atop a heavy production and the aforementioned tight execution make
a nice surprise coming from the crowded Death Metal pool. KEITZER takes ample nods
from bands such as
GRAVE and BOLT THROWER in their song writing, and I would
go so far as to say that
KEITZER make one consider an up-tempo BOLT THROWER
at their slower moments (like “Marching Forward To Victory”, “Glorious Dead” and
“Crusade“), though throughout the album the band step over the boundaries into Death /
Grind (like “Todgeweiht”), but the slower moments are the real meat and potatoes of
“THE LAST DEFENCE”. A solid and memorable album here and a must for those who
appreciate the Death Metal that has come about from great bands who also respected
good Hardcore and Grindcore.

                                                                                           - Reviewed by Keith Dempe