Self Released

KEYDRAGON is a very unique Metal band hailing from California. These guys and lady
have been unleashing their brand of Gothic Metal music that they like to call "Dragon
Metal" since 1998. The band has really evolved over the years and has gotten better and
better with each new release. "DESTINY CHAOS" is the bands latest release and sees the
band getting a bit darker a nd a bit heavier than earlier releases. They still have that really
dark and Gothic Metal sound at the core of their music, but they have added in more Death
Metal, Folk Metal and even some Black Metal influences into their sound. The music has
gotten much heavier and faster for the most part. It has also gotten much thicker and more
aggressive, which is where I hear all the Death Metal coming into play. The Folk metal
comes in with some of the song arrangements and not traditional sounding Metal parts. The
Black metal surfaces in the darker more dreary and harsher parts of their sound. It also
comes out in the vocals at times too. I really dig the new keyboard and effects that have
been placed through out the music. It gives them a very different and unique Metal sound
that I have not really heard before. When you combine all the styles together to create one
sound, this is how you end up with Dragon Metal. They are the only Dragon Metal band
out there and you really must experience
KEYDRAGON for yourselves. This is one band
that has been pushing along for many years now and have gotten better and better and still
have not gotten the attention I believe they deserve! Check them out and be prepared to be
taken on a mystical journey to the land of Dragons!!!