If your a Black Metal fan than you should know about the Ukraine's very own KHORS.
These guys formed back in 2004. The band features former members of
& DRUDKH. The name KHORS is the name of the Slavic
god of sun and light. "WISDOM OF CENTURIES" is the bands fifth full length to date and
their first for
CANDLELIGHT RECORDS. The band plays a dreary dark and gloomy
style of Black metal music. This release has a much denser sound to it which comes in
partly from the band using many ethnic instruments through out along with the standard
instruments. This album also marks the first time the band performs their  songs in their
native tongue. The music has a very atmospheric full sound with more Folk Metal
influences than previous albums. The band has a more clean and improved production over
previous releases. Most of their fans will probably dig their older stuff, but I am digging the
new direction they are going in with adding more less traditional instruments and more Folk
Metal influences. Four of the tracks present here are instrumentals, while the other four do
contain vocals. Fans of more Folk / Black metal will get into this more than fans of their
earlier work. I was a fan of their previous stuff, but I think "WISDOM OF CENTURIES" is
their best album yet. Hopefully they keep going in this direction and deliver us some more
amazing releases like this one!