KING emerges from the darkness of Columbia and plays Black / Death Metal music.
These guys pay tribute to the old school style and sound that started it all. They have a
very raw, aggressive and gritty old school Black Metal sound. It takes me back to a lot
of the bands coming out of Norway, Finland & Sweden in the late 80's & early 90's,
playing this similar style. They do mix in a lot of old school Death Metal too that's just
straight up brutal, heavy & blasting. I have noticed a lot of bands going back to the old
style of Death & Black Metal lately, which I like, cause that's what I grew up on and
love it. There is a real harshness to their sound that runs through out most of the songs
as well. If you grew up listening to this style of music then your gonna love
because they deliver the goods and do it much better than most of the bands that were
doing it back in the beginning days!