"UNGOD" is the second release from Dayton Ohio's KING STENCH. KING STENCH
is the brain child of King Stench mostly know from the great band
band has a similar feel to
FOUL STENCH, but they add in a lot of Black Metal influences
to create their sound. The mixture of the old school styles of Black Metal and Death Metal
take me back to the late 80's and early 90's of the underground scene. These guys have a
bit of a raw more European Black Metal vibe mixed with some early '90's mid west Death
Metal sounds. I am huge fan of
FOUL STENCH and have really grown to love KING
 as well. The music is a definite must for the older generation of underground
Metal heads out there. The raw coldness of their sound is what makes me think of a lot of
the old European Black Metal bands. The music is very tight and fast paced chaotic at
times, but I feel that's how Black Metal was originally meant to be. If you dig some gritty
and raw, but very well constructed and played Black Metal mixed with a ton of Death
Metal madness, then your gonna love
KING STENCH. Check these guys out and while
your at it, pick up some
FOUL STENCH as well. One of the better bands in the
underground scene that defiantly doesn't get enough attention. All hail the