Just having looked at the list of whom this record has been released, it seems everybody
is looking for a chunk of
KONKEROR. Originally this album was released
independently on CD, “THE ABYSMAL HORIZONS” has had a subsequent release on
purple vinyl in 2013 on
SAW HER GHOST RECORDS and finally a limited digi pack
CD release on die hard Czech Death Metal label
2014. Formed in late 2011, Detroit, Michigan’s
KONKEROR have this sole album
officially released up until the present, but don’t let that seeming lack of studio work (as
a band) mislead you.  With “THE ABYSMAL HORIZONS”, they've put together a
powerful blend of Death Metal brutality within the framework of a truly listenable album
for those, who like me, sometimes get lost within the ultra-technical end of the Death
Metal genre. To say this album sounds like earlier NILE material, I suppose, would be a
little bit of a “cop-out  comparison, but it fits, so what the hell, right???  Its accurate to
fit “THE ABYSMAL HORIZONS” into the mold of bands like
and even
THE CHASM, and those of the Death Metal ilk akin to epic, heavy, brutal
Death Metal.   While maybe not so Egyptian-centric as
NILE, the lyrical content wreaks
of those hymns of creation and the dark essence of time long past. Furthering the
comparison is the almost Middle Eastern tone of some of the music, heavy on the
atmosphere. However upon deeper inspection there are a lot more musical ideas going on
here than simply one or two listens would grant access to. From repeated listens I've
caught glimpses of everything here from solos within the purview of epic Heavy Metal
(see “Usurpers of the Primal Womb”), some “riffs” reminding me instantly of
(NOR) (see “Beyond the Abysmal Horizons“) , and the odd
introduction (“Incantations”) and having those mournful guitar leads that Jon Nodveidt
was so known for, almost throughout. These divergent styles all mingling into the mix so
seamlessly, never once sounding like the “Black / Death Metal influences in a blender”
abomination my words may lead one to think of. I mean, plain and simple… IT WORKS!
Even the vocal, while being firmly with the Death Metal genre, are actually discernible.
While not sounding like David Vincent on earlier
MORBID ANGEL albums, the way
the vocal line is enunciated is certainly similar. Anybody who has trudged through
previous reviews of mine knows all too well of my, not distain, but wariness of the
extremely technical edge of brutal Death Metal. That very fact is what makes me
appreciate this album even more. While remaining a highly technical form of Death
Metal, structurally, “THE ABYSMAL HORIZONS” is extremely accessible to both  
those who appreciate the technical, but also those who look for more simple listen-ability
by providing simply great song writing. With this in mind, I think
produced an album that would be and should be appreciated clearly across the Death
Metal landscape. It can honestly be stated that
HORIZONS” offers something for everybody and to bring my thesis statement full
circle, it's obvious to me why so many labels wanted a piece of this! I think we may be
hearing more of
KONKEROR sometime soon.


                                                                                             - Reviewed by Keith Dempe